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Children's Day Celebrations

Snehankit Helpline Celebrates Children’s Day

Snehankit Helpline celebrated Children’s day (14th November) by organising a grand function on 16th November 2018, at Kamala Mehta School for the Blind at Dadar, Mumbai.

The Chief Guests for the evening were Dr Vijaya Wad, well known Marathi writer and children’s litterateur and Mr Nitin Nagarle, Vice President-Materials at Foodlink Restaurants India Limited and Founder-General Secretary-Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum (HPMF).

On this happy occasion, Snehankit Helpline distributed Braille-Me, a Braille device invented by Innovision (Inceptor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), which enables Text-to-Braille and Braille-to-Text conversion, to a few deserving visually challenged students. Braille-Me can help the visually impaired to read any e-book from the internet or from the computer in Braille (Text-to-Braille) and can get output in normal print with inputs in Braille (Braille-to-Text). The most important advantage of Braille-Me is that the visually impaired can answer examination papers in Braille and can get the printout in normal script for the examination assessment.

The names of the deserving students who received the device are as follows: Drishti Gaba (Std 11), Roshni Patro (Std 8), Imran Rizvi (Std 10), Prathamesh Dalvi (Std 12), Nikhil Lokre (Std 9) and Vedika Bhagwat (Std 7).

Innovision also conducted a demonstration of the Braille-Me device, showing its functions and its linkages with a mobile phone and a computer. This was appreciated by all and there was great enthusiasm from the students and their parents to know more about the device.

The highlight of the evening was the cultural programme put up by the students from Snehankit Helpline’s Dombivali Centre. The participants were ably supported by the staff and volunteers of the Dombivali Centre: Ms. Sampada Palanitkar (Special Educator), Mr Aditya Dhanavade (Trainer & Teacher), Ms. Geeta Iyer and Ms. Medha Borlikar (volunteers).

The musical delight for the evening was provided by Sushrut Kulkarni, Rujul Gaithale, Roshni Patro, Drishti Gaba, Shravan Joshi, Siddhi Dalvi, Payal Chauhan, Akhilesh Kambli, Vedika Bhagwat, Shraddha Patil who sang hit songs, solo or in a group. Nikhil Lokre and Shravan Joshi mesmerised the audience with their performances on the Tabla and the Keyboard respectively.

Sakshi Joshi danced beautifully to the song ‘Ekvira Aayi Tu Dongravari’ and Imran Rizvi regaled the audience with his ‘Shero-Shayari’ (urdu poetry).

All the children sang beautifully the song “Ae Watan” from the movie “Raazi” in a group in the spirit of patriotism to round off the day’s events.

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